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Friday, 24 April 2009


Reap the advantages of aerodynamic body and shaft-driven 4WD in this Readyset.Trusted NOVAK one-piece motor control amp and receiver unit makes high-performance driving even easier.

The world-class 1/10 EP touring car racing performance of the TF-5 is now packaged in a Readyset for a user-friendly shaft-driven machine to suit beginners through to expert racers. Add the stunning aerodynamics of the body printed with vivid color scheme and this machine is on the road fast. Setting adjustment points are available on many parts for fine tuning optimal performance. Now everyone can experience EP touring car racing at its thrilling best!
Shaft-driven 4WD chassis is equipped with ball differentials on front and rear to realize driver-friendly high-speed performance to suit drivers of various levels.
Loaded with renowned NOVAK one-piece motor control amp and receiver unit. Suitable to 19-turn motors. Reverse function can also be deactivated.
Oil shocks with dial adjustment of chassis height for precision settings. Aluminum parts are anodized in red for stunning performance and style.
Readyset packaged around the TF-5:
  • Vivid color scheme stencil printed onto a finished body.
  • Sealed drive system ideal for parking lot racing performance.
  • Drive system features full ball bearing specifications.
  • Equipped with resin joint type universal swing shafts.
  • Aluminum parts are anodized in red for spectacular color style.
  • Composition of each part designed for impact resistance, ideal for a Readyset.
  • Tires are pre-glued and motor control amp is also pre-set.
  • Use optional motor and tire combinations to extract even more performance from the chassis.
  • Compatible with TF-5 options and replacement parts and can be converted into different TF-5 versions.
  • Loaded with user-friendly 20-turn G20 motor with built-in cooling fan. Provides constant high power over long run times.

Readyset Contents:

  • Fully-assembled chassis with R/C unit installed
  • Perfex KT-3HS transmitter
  • Hex wrench, cross wrench

Required for operation (Not included):
  • 7.2V-2200mAh (minimum) Ni-Cd battery or Mi-MH battery for chassis
  • Battery charger
  • AA-size batteries X 8 for transmitter
Chassis Technical Data:

Length: 360mm
Height: 115mm
Ground Clearance: 5mm
Wheelbase: 259mm
Tread (F/R): 162/161mm
Tire(F/R): Φ66×25mm
Gear Ratio: 4.7:1
Weight: Approximately 1,600g (with body)
Motor: 540-size 20-turn motor
Battery: 7.2V-2,200 - 3,900mAh battery (sold separately)

Price: BND$550.00

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