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Saturday, 1 August 2009

HPI Open Drift Challenge @ 1 Borneo Hyper Mall (27-30 Aug 2009)

Dear All Drifters,

We will be having a HPI Open Drift Challenge @ 1 Borneo Hyper Mall on 29 & 30 Aug 2009.
Venue: Kota Kinabaru, Sabah-East Malaysia

Organised by:

Daihua Sdn Bhd.

Co-Sponsored by:

Tai Sing Corpn. Pte Ltd & HPI Japan inc.,

Date: 29-30 August 2009
Time: 10am to 10pm.
Chassis: Open
Batteries: Open
Motors: Open
Tires: HPI T-Drift Tires.

Terms & Condition.

(1): Registration date: 27/28/29/30 August 2009 at General Toys City, Asia City
or 1Borneo Toycity.
(2): Entry fee: For none HPI racing models entry fee RM100.00 .
For HPI racing models entry fee RM90.00.
(3): Briefing for participants : The final briefing on 30 August 2009 10.30am.
(4): Hand out tire: 26/27/28/29/30 August 2009 T-drift tire 2 pairs without wheels
will be hand out to all participants after the registration.
(5): Practice time and date: 26/27/28/29 August 2009 free practice from 10.00am-10.00pm.
(6): Race day: 30 August 2009 11.30am all participants have to use hand out tire
only. On the race day organizer will check each participants tire.
(Note: Please do not use used t-drift tire is fair to other racer . THANK!)
(7): Disqualify: Organizer can disqualify who ever is not follow regulation and rules.
Drifting regulation and rules.*

(A):Car models: Open to all model.
(B):Battery: Battery 6 cell 7.2v ni-cd/ni-mh or Li-po 2 cell 7.4v only.
(C):Motor: Open to any motor. ( Brushless or brush.)
(D):Body shell: Open to any 190mm or 200mm body shell,
* Touring body are not allow.
( Exp: Mazda 6, Toureza, Dodge stratus)
(E):Tire: Hand out tire. (T-Drift tire #4406 without wheel.)
(F):Other: Lighting and accessories are allowed.
(G):Weight: Open weight.

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