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Monday, 23 November 2009

the result of the DBD D1:10 drift challenge'09

Last 2 weeks we left off with Lego's TT01 of Wangan hot on its heel trying to keep up with Azrey's Kyosho TF5 from Team SLD, when suddenly the rain pour down heavily with no mercy at all which stopped the race.

Last saturday night, DBD's comitee waited for the same downpour to ease down but mothernature doesnt seem to be in favour as everyone wanted to prepare the track for sunday morning. Some of the comitee even stayed till 6am for the downpour to ease. By 7.30am a miracle happen and preparation was underway to continue where we left off last 2 weeks.

Drifters came very early and all made it punctually this time around with inspection of tyres and chassis held for the remaining 10 drifters to ensure that the rules and regulation was still kept intact. We were happy for the honesty of every drifters in this case.

The race started at 10am sharp with continuation of battle between Lego from Wangan R/C and Azrey from Team SLD but however Lego's car didnt finish the race due to electronic failure leaving Azrey with a win to secure the 7th spot in Top 8 qualification. The 8th spot in qualifying was an exciting one as Hazmi of TDD goes head to head with G-Alai of DBD which both drifters overtook one another from the start. During final lap, Hazmi made a mistake leaving G-Alai to secure the 8th qualification spot. A short break was held to conclude the Top 8 finalist of the race.

Seeing that the race was predictable on whom going against who leave the comitee questioning the 8 remaining drifters if they wanna have another draw or just leave the table as it is. Another draw was made based on top 8 drifters deciding on majority.

1) G-Alai (DB Drifters) vs G-Bibih (07-Ghost KB)
2) Sham (Drift-Tech) vs Tom (Team SDT)
3) Faiq (07-Ghost KB) vs Azrey ( Team SLD)
4) Atoy (Drift-Tech) vs G-Ading (07-Ghost KB)

Drifters gave it all they got as they went head to head against each other to ensure they qualify for the semi-final in a 5 lap race.

G-Alai knockout G-Bibih, Tom beating Sham, Faiq securing win over Azrey and Atoy battling it with G-Ading are the winners to enter the 2 semi-finals.

Semi-final 1: G-Alai (DB Drifters) vs Tom (Team SDT)

Race between G-Alai and Tom was exciting as both drifters overtook one another waiting for each other to make a mistake. Tom even manage to go side by side with G-Alai on the quarter pipe making it a hair raising race but G-Alai manage to overcome Tom and head for the 1st Final spot.

Semi-final 2: Atoy (Drift-Tech) vs Faiq (07-Ghost KB)

Atoy the fastest drifter on qualifying was leading from the start when suddenly on the 1st attempt to clear the quarter pipe, his car seized down. As Atoy ran to check his car's problem, Faiq seeing a chance for the finals took the lead! Atoy manage to get his car started and went hot on its heel after Faiq's leading car when another failure abrupt again. When Atoy managed to get his car started once again, Faiq was almost one lap ahead of Atoy's 1st lap. The Crowd cheered on Atoy to push and chase from behind and as he got closer , he was right behind Faiq's car but Faiq manage to cross the finishing line making it a final for himself to go against G-Alai.

3rd & 4th Place battle: Atoy (Drift-Tech) vs Tom (Team SDT)

Leave no surprise as 2 consistent drifters of the race battling it out over a 5 lap race seeing Atoy grabbing 3rd spot and Tom hitting 4th spot respectively.

Final: G-Alai (DB-Drifters) vs Faiq (07-Ghost KB)

The battle began as the crowd decide to cheer them on a 8 lap final race. The race was done anti-clockwise the whole time and as the crowd cheered for it to go the other way around, we leave both drifters deciding to accept it but both drifters decide to go the same direction both are familiar with. Faiq tried to stick to his lead for the first 2 lap out of the 8 lap race but invain as G-Alai rose to the occasion once again and took victory to his own Team's home ground race.

Mr Huaty of Decibel Enterprise and Mr Andy of Kawanria were the 2 guest of honour for the race. DBD's comitee have decided that the G.O.H's will decide among themself to pick out 5 body shells among the rest and to decide the best among the 5 to win in the Best Shell Category. Prizes was presented to the winners and Top 8 qualifiers of the race by Mr Huaty of Decibel Enterprise and Mr Andy of Kawanria. A Photo session was held with camera's flashing and clicking around picking up good pictures and candid pictures (Lobo Style) as well.

Thank you very much to all Drifters that have been supporting the race and ofcourse for their patience during the past 2 weeks. We would like to apologise to all drifters if we have made any mistakes during the race or have said anything that would have offend them as well. We would like to learn from our mistakes and in the future to rectify them.


A very big THANK YOU to prize sponsors
1)Kawanria toys (Mr Andy) and 2)Little M children store.

Full Heartly thanks to Team Drift-Tech ( Atoy, Lobo, Mamatkubo, Just to name a few ) for their support in organizing this event and for sharing their honoured format.

Congratulations to all winners and we hope to see you again in DB Drifters next event.

Drift King- G-Alai ( DB Drifters) Yokomo Mr4TC
2nd Place- Faiq (07-Ghost KB) Kyosho TF5
3rd Place- Atoy (Drift-Tech) X-Ray T2' 2009
4th Place- Tom (Team SDT) Lightning

Consolation winners:-
5) G-Ading- (07-Ghost KB) HPI E-106)
Sham- (Drift-Tech) Tamiya TA05 verII
7) G-Bibih- (07-Ghost KB) Tamiya TA05
8) Azrey- (Team SLD) Kyosho TF5

Top Qualifier winner- Atoy (Drift-Tech) X-Ray T2'2009

Best Shell Winner- (Yokomo's Team Toyo S15 theme) Adam (Team SLD)

Thank you once again from DB Drifters comitee:- Aboy, G-Zoff, Ahoy and myself.

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