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Friday, 17 December 2010


The long awaiting Brunei RC Drift Open Challenge @ Times Square has been confirmed as follows:-

Organized by : PEMKAR, Brunei

Venue : Times Square Shopping Mall, Berakas, Brunei.

Entrance Fee : BND $40 (PEMKAR MEMBER) , BND $60 (NON-MEMBER) with Hand-out Tyre HPI T-Drift #4406.

*Closing date for paying the entrance fee is on the 13th (for locals) and on the 14th for drivers from neighboring countries.

Trophies : All 'A', 'B', 'C' Main Finalist and 1 Prize for the winner in the Best Bodyshell Competition.

Track Size : Estimate 1500 sq.ft (Indoor Carpet).

Date : 13 - 16 January 2011
13-14 Jan: Free Practice.
15 - 16 Jan: Competition day.

Official Hotel : The Times Hotel, Brunei.
Location - above the Times Square Shopping Mall.


(A) Car models: Open to all 1/10 EP on road cars and open for 4wd drift and Counter Steer.

(B) Batteries: 6 cell 7.2v NiCd/NiMH or Lipo 2 cell 7.4v only.

(C) Motor: Open to any motor (Brush or Brushless).

(D) Body Shell: Any 1/10th Realistic Drift Bodyshell (190mm/200mm)

(E) Lighting and accessories are allowed.

(F) Weight: No limit.


- 5 (Five) heats with 3 Laps in every heat, Best Of 1 (One) Heat Qualifying

- Tandem Drift Battle (Top 24 Drivers - Which will be divided into 3 Groups according to qualifying points)

- Each drivers will start the challenge with 300 points in every 1 heat and complete their lap with the best time

- Drivers must keep the maximum points in every heat and their best time (Priority - the best heat points will be taken then the best time for ranking) to advance in the top 24.
- There will be deduction of points made during the 3 heats in qualifying round if:-

i: drivers hitting, bumping the inner line of the track - 10 points deduction
ii: drivers hitting, bumping the outer line of the track - 20 points deduction
iii. drivers who did not hit or enter the boxes on the track - 30 points deduction

- Bodyshell Competition.

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