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Monday, 25 January 2010

Rules & regulation

this will be the rules n regulation on the DRIFT-Tech Series 2010

1. Series entrance fee

- $25 for the while seriesonly the series drivers is allowed to join the race. yang nda msuk series atu meliat n nyokong kwn2 yg join series la saja..

2. Race entrance fee

- $10 for each race and additional $5 for the drivers who reached top 8kami buat cani spya org2 yg nda layak msuk k top 8 nda mrsa rugi lau mbyr $15 jua

3. Race format

- Drift point, for the search for top 32,16 and 8. For the top 8 drivers the format will change to Tandem Drift Battle until the final.Drift point ani will be a 2 heat of 1 lap sja..main selagi nymn la utk dpt point tinggi..from the total of all drivers, kami mbil dlu top 32 pastu main lg utk mcari top 16, pastu main lg smpai ke top 8in the Tandem Drift Battle, two drivers will be staged in a D1 staging yg mna sorg dpn sorg blkg..kmi will judge the top 8 drivers on how they control keta dorg,the flow of their drift and how near the driver car can be during the battle.nnt lg kmi briefing u guys on this..

4. Point system

- Top 20 Driversthe #1 driver will get 20 points den yg last driver will get 1 point. for top 20 saja.

5. Venue and Date

- drivers will be informed earlier where it will be heldtempat kami membuat series ani inyallah kn berubah2 nda semestinya stick to 1 place n the dates will be fix dan akan d bg tau awal spya kmu sanang arrange kmu punya off

6. Prizes - will be given to the top 3 drivers in the final (T.B.C)To be updated if there is any changes i the rules n regulation..


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