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Monday, 15 February 2010

future kits

The TRF 416X was developed using race data recorded by our worldwide team drivers. The TRF 416 has won numerous races around the world and has become a very popular championship-winning machine. As a result, the worldwide demand for the TRF416 lead Tamiya to produce two additional production runs of the product, which sold out instantly. The new and improved TRF 416X will be a strong candidate at the 2010 IFMAR world championship.

TRF416 & TRF416WE Signi cant Race Results:

2008 IFMAR ISTC World Championship (Winner)
2008 EFRA ETC Euro Championship (Winner)
2008 DHI Cup (Winner)
2008 LRP Touring Car Masters (Winner)
EURO Touring Series 08/09 (Overall Winner)
2009 DHI Cup (Winner)
2009 LRP Touring Car Masters (Winner)
2009 EFRA ETC Euro Championship (Winner)
Specs & Features:
  • Motor position has been shifted 1mm to center for optimum chassis balance.
    Rear ball differential has been shifted 1.8mm towards the rear to improve rear traction and acceleration.

  • Wider front bulkhead attachment screw positions and a new lower deck shape enhance the chassis' front rigidity.

  • Features new carbon 2.25mm lower and 2mm upper decks.
    Front pulley features a direct coupling while the center pulley also features a direct drive setup.

  • Newly designed parts such as lower and upper decks, rear drive belt, front and rear lower bulkhead, motor mount, center bulkhead, and motor mount support included. Requires body, R/C unit, battery, motor, pinion gear, tires, and wheels (sold separately).

Recommended Option Parts:

  • Item 53876 Aluminum Damper Retainer (1mm Down Type).
  • Item 54078 44mm Swing Shafts.
  • Item 53170 Glass Tape (15mm x 25m).
  • Item 53970 Ball Diff Protective Seal.

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